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Why you should join Sparkle Change


Be a spokesperson for the AAPI community

Our clients, some of the largest companies in the world, are looking to understand how to communicate with you in a culturally authentic way, what you buy and why you buy it.  These valuable insights will help them create new products, refine their marketing programs, design their advertising campaigns and provide overall feedback.

Additionally, you will have fun along the way. You will have opportunities to evaluate advertisement concepts before they go into production and go on air, or evaluate packaging concepts for a consumer package good product, or share your product usage experience, or discuss your cultural identity and lifestyle, etc. etc. There are many different types of market research studies for different products, brands and industries and that’s what makes it fun!


Earn rewards for participation

For every survey you participate in, you receive rewards.  When you accumulate enough, you can redeem them for virtual Visa or gift cards. And we will hold raffles on a regular basis for our loyal panelists! 


Give back to the community

We partner with community organizations and through our partnership, help them prosper in our communities of focus. We provide pro bono consulting and research services to help community organizations grow. We also list volunteer job opportunities and community events for community partners in our newsletter. Help us carry out our mission by joining the Sparkle Change research community and participating in our research projects!