Sparkle Change is a unit of Sparkle Insights, a full-service insights consulting firm that specializes in multicultural research. Sparkle Change is a community-based consumer research panel focusing on getting AAPI consumers’ voice heard by advertisers and marketers.

AAPI data and insights are often missing in market research, a critical first step for marketing strategy development. Lack of data on AAPI consumers trickles down the marketing communication process, resulting in lack of representation or misrepresentation of AAPI consumers.

Sparkle Change seeks to change the status quo of lack of AAPI consumer insights, lack of representative sample and lack of marketing investment in the AAPI community by creating a research panel community of highly engaged AAPI panelists who want to share their opinions on different subject matters, connect with fellow Asian Americans and give back to the AAPI community. Your participation helps fill the void of AAPI consumer insights and will also make a positive impact on the community. You can also connect with the community via job listings and AAPI community organization partner event listings in the newsletter.

Meet the Squad

Iris Yim

Iris is a versatile and experienced researcher. She has extensive experience in both qualitative and quantitative research and has led research on market assessment, branding, ad testing and segmentation.  Iris is also president of Sparkle Insights, a full-service market research consulting firm with expertise in multicultural research.  In addition, she is very actively involved in the Asian American Advertising Federation, servingas Vice President and Chair of the Research Committee for the organization.Iris holds an MBA from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in public relations from the University of Southern California. When she is not busy conducting market research, she helps her father Yim Mau-Kun, a Taipei-based artist, promote his art and has published a book on drawing “Lessons in Masterful Portrait Drawing: A Classical Approach to Drawing the Head.”

Sharmila Fowler

Sharmila has extensive experience in developing growth strategies for diverse markets.  She has worked with clients in a variety of industries to help develop the insights needed to be successful in this space.  Her background includes not only multicultural marketing but also international business development and global diversity and inclusion.   She has held senior level positions at several multicultural research, consulting firms and McDonald’s over the years and has managed and authored several studies on Asian Americans.  Sharmila is also Principal of Red Lion Strategy.  In addition, she is active with the Asian American Advertising Federation and is a former Officer and Board Member.   She also served on Nielsen’s Asian Pacific American Advisory Council for many years.

Hanh Bui

Hanh has a diverse academic background spanning an interdisciplinary range of subjects from foreign studies to social science to market research. As an experienced researcher, she has managed qualitative and quantitative studies including coordinating and recruiting research participants for various social science and market research projects. She is also well-versed in using different research methodologies. Previously, Hanh worked as a project coordinator /field director at Phoenix Marketing International (PMI), and as a research associate at San Diego State University and the University of Michigan. Hanh has a master’s degree in educational studies from the University of Michigan.

Brittany Chiu

Brittany, a native of Chicago, is an experienced business development consultant who has worked across diverse industries from tech to trading. Able to speak fluent Mandarin and Cantonese, she has previously lived and worked in China for two years in Beijing and Yiwu. Brittany is active in her community, serving as an ESL volunteer to first-generation immigrants and refugees. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and economics from Dominican University.

Jung-mi Kim

Jung-mi has extensive experience in online marketing and excels at helping clients grow their business via viral marketing and social media. She has worked with clients across various industries including plastic surgery, online retail, media, and real estate. A native of Korea, Jung-mi is passionate about advocating for the AAPI community and celebrating her cultural heritage.

Caitlyn Chun

Caitlyn has extensive experience in cognitive and human behavior research, which gives her a unique perspective in market research and allows her to get valuable insights into consumer behavior in relation to the market experience. As a researcher, Caitlyn not only designs, fields, and analyzes studies, but she also conducts qualitative research in Chinese, English, and Malay. Caitlyn holds a MS in Cognitive and Neuroscience from University of Texas at Dallas as well as both BS and MS in Psychology from HELP University in Malaysia.

SeungYeon Koo

SeungYeon is an experienced bilingual and bicultural market researcher well versed in research practices in both US and Korea. SeungYeon’s research responsibilities and experiences at Sparkle Insights include project management, moderation and report analysis. Prior to joining Sparkle Insights, SeungYeon was an online research field director at Nielsen Korea, managing different types of online surveys including multi-country study, home use test, and diary log. A native of Korea, SeungYeon has a bachelor’s degree in library & Information Science and English Language and Literature from Duksung Women’s University.